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Benefits are not transferrable. Each member is entitled to their own benefit.

There are different scenarios: I. If your doctor is not on our network of providers, please advise us so we engage him and sign him up II. If your doctor does not accept any medical aid, please pay cash and we will refund you. III. If there are other problems, please advise us same.

A&ERs are specifically for accidents and emergencies. Generation Health is not obliged to honour claims for non-emergency treatment.

Generation Health offers 4 main products, namely:

I. Medical Cover for individuals and corporates

II. University Cover for local students

III. International Student Cover

IV. International Travel Cover

Generation Health will cover treatment outside Zimbabwe on a reimbursement basis. However, pre-arranged treatment requires authorisation from the fund. The fund will cover in full foreign treatment for procedures not available in Zimbabwe. Locally available treatment will be reimbursed at local plan tariffs. The Fund also offers free International Emergency travel cover on our top two plans, Ivory and Mahogany. Members are required to advise the fund before they travel so a policy can be issued to them.

Once hospitalisation has been confirmed, at least 48hrs before for planned procedures, please come in to our call centre for authorisation.

Generation Health covers each procedure according to the tariff payable on your plan as well as benefits available.

The Service provider list is available to view and print on our website ( A soft copy of the Service provider list can also be sent to you on email.

You need to register your baby in the same month of birth. This will ensure their claims are honoured and that they do not have waiting periods imposed on them.

Yes it is possible. But they cannot be on a plan higher than yours.